The Finishing Aid can bring concrete back from the dead!

Russ T. about CermaiKrete Finishing Aid

.....Great hot weather aid, rejuvenates the cement paste without weakening it with water or creating the danger of scaling..

Greg H. about CeramiKrete Finishing Aid

CeramiLok Densifier works on all types of concrete- soft or hard...

Miguel V. about CeramiLok Densifier/Hardener

...the shine and durability outperforms any sealer we have used before

Bruce G. about CeramiKote Polishing Sealer

WB Sealer is all we use on our pool deck installations...

Joe M. about CeramiKrete Sealer WB

CeramiKrete Products

CeramiKrete brings together combined chemistries to concrete protection
by blending Lithium, Colloidal Silica and other proprietary ceramic technologies resulting in the most durable concrete protection products on the market. All CeramiKrete products are pH balanced, easy to use, and penetrate deeply into the concrete surfaces to harden, densify, and protect concrete from corrosion, moisture and salt intrusion. Our CeramiKrete Sealer WB is salt, oil, and water resistant. CeramiKrete is truly the Professional's choice at an affordable price.

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